Before the concert

It is worthwhile to arrive with plenty of time before our concerts and to buy your tickets in advance to avoid long queues. You can buy tickets on Mondays 9-16 and Tuesdays through Fridays at 10-15 at the Infopoint in Campus Allegro, and online at We also sell tickets at the door, starting one hour before the event. Reserved tickets can be bought until half an hour before the event, after that we put them up for sale again, but preferably reserved tickets should be bought before the date of the event. If you arrive late, please let us know by calling +358 (0)45-108 9934.

To avoid queuing during the break you can usually order and pay for refreshments before the start of the event.

Pastilles can be good to bring in case of sudden cough attacks.

Many wonder when it is appropriate to applaud during a classical concert. Usually one does not applause between the movements in a piece, but rather in the end of for example a symphony or a concert. In the program it is stated how many movements a piece has.

Room for four wheelchairs can be found just to the left through the door at the right entrance, above row 13. Remember to book a seat for possible attendants to the right on row 13.
If you have questions we are happy to answer!