General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR

The customer’s rights to review their personal information

As an event organizer you are registered in Jakobstads Konsertsal AB’s customer register and have, as stated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the rights to access your personal information.

If you want to review your personal information you may contact the Schauman Hall Infopoint, phone +358 45 108 9934,

The information given in our booking form is stored with the intention to have the customer’s event run as smoothly as possible, regarding for example the planning of technical solutions, intermission catering, invoicing etc.

Image and text material that is provided by the customer and intended for marketing purposes is stored and used in the marketing of the customers event(s), for example on Schauman Hall’s and Netticket’s web pages, social media and in Schauman Hall’s newsletter.

The customer’s rights to demand correction of information

Individuals whose personal information has been stored in any of Schauman Hall’s registers have the rights to get inaccurate information corrected upon request in writing, by phone or through a personal visit at the Campus Allegro Infopoint (during visiting hours).