Paul Anka Rock Swing´s

24 March 2022

Paul Anka Rock Swing´s

ATTN! This event has already passed.

Paul Anka Rock Swing´s

19:00 – 20:30

Schauman Hall

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Wasa Groove Unit rf.

World star Paul Anka is known for unforgettable interpretations of a large number of songs such as My way, You are my destiny, I love you baby and Put your head on my shoulder. In 2005, Anka released the magnificent album Rock Swings. The songs, famous rock and pop songs from the 1980s and 1990s, were arranged as big band versions only for Paul Anka. Since then, Anka and his big band have toured extensively around the world with this repertoire. Now these goodies are performed by the big band Wasa Groove Unit. The big band, active since 2013, is based in the jazz metropolis of Vaasa and consists of 31 musicians. During the concert youll hear performed Van Halens Jump, Lionel Richies Hello, Bon Jovis It´s my life will be performed, Nirvanas Smells like teen spirit and many more.

Wasa Groove Unit, lineup 9.4.2022:

conductor – Pertti Ahonen

vocal – Pia Ahonen Erickson

altosaxophone 1 – Benjamin Jurlina, Noora Hiltunen, Lauri Kallio
altosaxophone 2 – Annika Peltoniemi
tenorsaxophone 1 – Johan Gustafsson, Hans Lundqvist
tenorsaxophone 2 – Tapio Peltoniemi
baritonesaxophone – Tuukka Nissilä

trumpet 1 – André Erickson
trumpet 2 – Mikko Pieskä
trumpet 3 – Sami Koivuniemi
trumpet 4 – Juha Rinne

trombone 1 – Pertti Ahonen
trombone 2 – Ronja Rantala
trombone 3 – Anssi Juvela

guitar – Emil Rönnqvist
keyboard – Kukka-Maaria Kallio
bass – Jarmo Peltomäki
drums – David Forsblom