Magnus Maria – an opera about the right gender

27 May 2014

Magnus Maria – an opera about the right gender

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Magnus Maria – an opera about the right gender

19:00 – 20:15

Schauman Hall

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Kulturföreningen Katrina, Visit web page

Maria Johansdotter is a brave woman who will do anything to be able to live as an independent person and a musician. She follows her heart and suffers proudly the consequences of her actions. When the judge asks her if she is a man or a woman, she answers that she is both, but more a man. Today, over 300 years later we are telling the story of Maria Johansdotter/Magnus Johansson, born in the late 17th century in Åland and ended her life in Stockholm, Sweden. The opera will be performed in Swedish with subtitles. No intermission. Café Vivo open 11-22.

Music: Karólína Eiríksdóttir (IS)

Director: Suzanne Osten (SE)

Dramaturgi: Ann-Sofie Bárány (SE)

Choreography: Soledad Howe (SE)

Conductor: Anna-Maria Helsing (FI)

Scenography: Maria Antman (ÅL)

Light design: Mari Agge (FI)

Dress design: Minna Palmqvist (ÅL/SE)

Mask design: Daniela Krestelica (SE)

Photographer: Tiina Tahvanainen (ÅL)

Rehearsal pianist: Patrik Komorowski (ÅL)

On stage: Hillevi Berg Niska (SE), Andrea Björkholm (ÅL/FI), Lisa Fornhammar (SE), Maria

Johansson (SE), Ásgerður Júníusdóttir (IS), Therese Karlsson (ÅL), Annika Sjölund (ÅL) och Frida Josefin Österberg (ÅL).

Musiker: Laura Kokko (FI), violin, Marjaana Holva (FI), violin, Tiila Kangas (FI), altviolin, Juho Laitinen (FI), cello, Matti Kariluoto (FI), kontrabas, Kim Jansson (ÅL), slagverk.

Production: Kulturföreningen Katrina, Åland | | +358 (0)40 1649310

Producer: Ros-Mari Djupsund | | +350 (0)40 7689980

Manager: Barbro Sundback